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Welcome to CampaignDocs eRetrieval

Welcome to Campaign Disclosure

The CampaignDocs eRetrieval site is an electronic portal that enables citizens to search for and review redacted campaign disclosure forms that have been submitted by elected officials, candidates, campaign committees and major donors.

What is on this Site?

  • Campaign disclosure statements for all filers who have "local" filing requirements.  This includes filings for county offices, county measures, special districts, and school districts, campaign committees and major donors that are located or campaigning within the County of Solano.
  • Form 410 — Statement of Organization
  • Form 425 — Semi-Annual Statement of No Activity
  • Form 450 — Recipient Committee Campaign Statement - Short Form
  • Form 460 — Recipient Committee Campaign Statement
  • Form 461 — Major Donor and Independent Expenditure Committee Campaign Statement
  • Form 462 — Verification of Independent Expenditures
  • Form 470 — Officeholder and Candidate Campaign Statement - Short Form
  • Form 496 — 24-hour Independent Expenditure Report
  • Form 497 — 24-hour Contribution Report
  • Form 501 — Candidate Intention Statement
  • Form 511 — Paid Spokesperson Report
  • Accessible campaign disclosure statements go back from 2013 to present.  Please contact our office if you are in need of assistance or require filings prior to 2013.

Solano County Registrar of Voters

675 Texas Street, Suite 2600

Fairfield, CA  94533

Phone: (707) 784-6675

Toll Free: (888) 933-VOTE or (888) 933-8683

What is not on this Site?

  • City campaign disclosure statements.  Please contact your City Clerk. Contact information for City Clerks can be found at the following link to the Solano County City Clerks.
  • Candidates who do not raise or spend $2,000 or more are not required to provide detailed disclosure of contributions or expenditures.  However, these candidates still have filing requirements.  For information regarding those filing requirements, upcoming elections and filing due dates, please visit the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) website.


Please note: The Registrar of Voters staff cannot advise you on filling out any FPPC form.  Contact the FPPC for free, qualified advice at:

All FPPC forms, manuals and filing schedules can be downloaded from the FPPC website.

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